Reflective Leadership
Being Present

Join me in the wild beauty of the Llanthony Valley in The Black Mountains
for a personal 1:1 experience exploring your leadership style and
your potential for transformation as that leader in your business or organisation

What kind of leader are you?

  • Do you have a commitment to making a positive impact?

  • Are you ready to lead differently now, in the face of rapid change and turmoil, but maybe unsure how to adjust your leadership style to be more effective?

  • Are you being drawn along by a compelling vision?

  • Are you ready to turn the spotlight on yourself, because making a difference really matters … and it starts with you?
You don’t need another leadership course, so what can you do?

The Reflective Leadership Experience
takes you into the real power of being present

Delve down into being present and notice how it

  • Disables the stress of ‘never enough time’

  • Creates the essential space, clarity and stillness for optimum decision-making and creativity

  • Anchors you firmly in the present moment

  • Allows you to discover new depths to your leadership capabilities

Throughout the day you will be guided in creating the sought-after space, time and stillness for leading your business or organisation with more clarity, intuition and certainty.

You’ll get a tangible sense of the kind of leader you can become when you add presence into the mix.

As you immerse yourself at the cottage for 24 hours,
how do you imagine investigating these changes?

The Day Time

Spend the day at the cottage working with Wilma 1:1

  • Examine what works, what you want to let go of and what you want to see emerge

  • Reflect, reframe, and redirect as you experience the present moment and open up to change

  • Reveal the emerging future

The Evening Time

Experience the deep impact of spending time alone overnight at this unique cottage.

  • Relax into the insights and inspiration gleaned during the day

  • Clearly imagine how you can adapt and lead your business or organisation as you navigate the turbulence of change

  • Ponder on your potential for transformation as the leader in your business or organisation, and how being present will support the personal changes required

Led by Wilma


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