Being At The Cottage Offers A Range Of Experiences
With Scope

From intentional conversations to exploring the deep impact of spending time alone, generate a deeper sense of connection with your self, your team and your organisation for greater endurance, equanimity and energy in your work and life.

Below is a collection of unique experiences to support you as you lean into the essential personal and organisational changes necessary to navigate our increasingly chaotic world.

The Chrysalis Experience

The Chrysalis Experience introduces you to The Leadership Renaissance® philosophy and its 9 Enduring Elements. Join an intimate group of passionate, courageous like-minded leaders ready to do what’s right, not what’s easy.

We are entering a new era of leadership. One of emerging and evolving leaders who recognise reform as an essential part of navigating the critical changes in our increasingly chaotic world.

Taking a new look at leadership:
– A 12-week experience hosted on Zoom, including time for discussion and the integration of the 9 Enduring Elements.
There will be private 1:1sessions with Wilma, with the experience culminating in a full day together at the cottage to reinforce learning and cement relationships

Graig Ddu nestled in its woodland garden

In order to evolve we need time to change. As every chrysalis knows,
change begins from the inside

The caterpillar weaves a cocoon. Inside the chrysalis, change happens imperceptibly. Once the cocoon is woven, the caterpillar digests itself from the inside out and dissolves. The chrysalis becomes filled with rich fluid. The cells use the fluid to grow and form a new body.

The butterfly is the culmination of this most extraordinary metamorphosis.

Listen to my story – ‘From Emotional Wreck to Founder of Being At The Cottage’

Reflective Leadership Experience

Immerse yourself at the cottage for 24 hours of rich, explorative conversation and reflection.

Work 1:1 with Wilma during the day and experience the deep impact of spending time alone overnight.

Reflect on how you want to lead differently – with presence from the present moment.

Luscious lunch and sumptuous supper included.

Listen to my story – ‘From Emotional Wreck to Founder of Being At The Cottage’

The Leadership Renaissance Experience®

This initiative has emerged over Wilma’s 25-year journey as a coach and practitioner, and more recently her observations of the need for us to cultivate a different quality of leadership as we navigate our increasingly chaotic world

A carefully curated, fully supported 6 month experience including 1:1 coaching and mentoring as you integrate the 9 Enduring Elements, culminating with 7 nights at the cottage for Leaders In The Pursuit Of Something Extraordinary

It’s time to look inside to discover your deepest strengths.

As this Experience unfolds you can expect:
Rich conversations and big shifts
To feel the deep impact of spending time alone
A developing appreciation of how The 9 Enduring Elements play their part in supporting you.

“If you can have the experience of being in the moment for two or three days, we don’t only feel restored, it seems to produce a difference in qualitative thinking and mental performance.”   
David Strayer, Cognitive Psychologist at the University of Utah

Listen to my story – ‘From Emotional Wreck to Founder of Being At The Cottage’

Dabble Getaways

Getaway for a weekend or a few nights mid-week. Dip a toe in the water of this simple and gentle immersion into the offline and unplugged experience.

Perfect for nurturing the seed of a germinating idea or contemplating a change of direction.

Get a sense of how the experience of spending time alone unfolds.  As you dabble quietly, sift through the insights revealed.

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