This was a magical and peaceful time.  I am much clearer about the shape of the future, even though it’s still forming and there’s more exploring to be done.  The overall balance and combination of the cottage, the conversations, nature, the peace and stillness, yet the aliveness of the setting, all worked wonderfully together.
Jane Heaton – Jane Heaton Associates Ltd – Marketing and Content Specialist

I now comfortably see myself as a leader in my corporate role. This is quite a shift from my previous perspective. This belief/shift was a direct result of our second conversation.

The Core Transformation session on Friday feels like the deeper reason I was at the cottage. The release, reframe, and integration of a core belief that impacted all aspects of my life has been profound and life changing.

Being at the Cottage allowed for that key healing to occur and I am only just beginning to see the ripple effect into all areas of my life.  It was specifically from our conversations and your astute listening that highlighted this core belief and the fact that you had this process and the willingness to add this at the end was a gift.
Nadine Elsasser – Executive Assistant Black Rock Financial

‘The cottage in the forest’.  When I was a small child, my favourite story was ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’.  Here everything was ‘just right’.  Being At The Cottage is a magical experience.  The personal value is immense.  It’s given me the space to just be me and find out what’s important right now, as well as discovering new ideas through connecting to Source.  The cottage is beautiful and felt like home as soon as I arrived.  The quality of care that Wilma has put into ensuring that everything is perfect cannot be praised highly enough.   It’s a unique experience and one that will stay with me.
Dianne Lowther – Founder – Brilliant Minds NLP Master Trainer

Who knew what a few days minus technology could do …!  I feel reconnected to Earth, my humanity and life itself.  The cottage has been a sanctuary.  A wonderful place to unravel mentally, emotionally and physically.  I now feel ready to plug back into the world – lighter, re-energised and open to new things.
Yvonne Bignall – Founder of YB Ltd
Self-Care Coach, Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

Your cottage called me at a time when I knew I needed the magic it holds.  It has been everything I hoped for and more.  With your gentle guidance and the creative tools you left here to explore, I have been able to release the fear that was crippling me and preventing me from moving forward and making big, bold choices in my life and career.  This is a very special place.  I have written a play!   Not something I planned, but without the distractions of email, social media and small children I have been able to take something from start to finish in 4 days!  That alone is inspiring and proves the incredible power of focus, and a peace in solitude.
Antonia Windsor – Journalist, Writer, Actor, Director –

The Being At The Cottage experience was just what I needed.  I do my best work when I stop pushing, sit still and embrace the moment whilst soaking up the atmosphere of the natural environment.  The dialogue and the conversations, focusing on my goals were incredibly useful.  The cottage was the perfect environment to achieve the clarity of thinking that I needed to create order in my busy life.
Georgina Lester – Business Mentor and Coach

“Wilma is warm and witty but lets you away with nothing! She pushes you to be better than you have ever been before, and uses a range of brilliant techniques to help you dig deep and find the answers needed to unlock your creativity and success.”   
Ali Stewart – Executive and Leadership Coach

‘Wilma has enabled me to see my world in a totally different way on so many levels. This has seriously reduced my stress levels!  She enabled me to see a unique angle from a business perspective. Working with Wilma has given me enormous confidence and she is so lovely and gentle with it.  Heartily recommend her to anyone wanting to move forward.’
Jill Chitty – Founder – LinkedIn Freedom

Ever since I spoke to Wilma for about an hour, I’ve had a complete change in my mind-set and approach.  If someone had said to me that I would have had these shifts from just one hour long call I would NEVER have believed them.  It was how she talked, the things she said.  It was like a switch going on. It was truly amazing.  I really wanted to let you know, Wilma, as you may not have realized what big shifts and insights you helped me have in that short time.’
Jane R

‘Having worked with Wilma I know that she has a relaxed, easy and empathetic approach to getting to the essence of a conversation. The result is that you can hear how her style quickly puts people at their ease, opening up the opportunity for asking those incisive and meaningful questions which make the difference between compelling insights and mediocre ones.’
Maruxa Murphy – Founder Perky Perky Coffee

I had reached a point where I recognised that in order to change some outcomes, I needed to make changes to what I was doing.  When I had the conversations with Wilma, the thing that made the biggest difference was understanding that my thoughts were controlling those outcomes.  Over subsequent months this has now gone much deeper and is shaping the way I choose to look at the future.’
Tim Matcham – Attract Armchair Investors

Talking to Wilma felt like having tea with an old friend.   Her ability to quickly create a strong rapport as well as skilfully taking the conversation to a level of deep inquiry allowed me to open myself and share an “unexpected” story from the depths of my heart.  When we are able to share wisdom from the deep well it’s a blessing and a gift to many.  Wilma’s presence made it easy to “go there”.
Amethyst Wyldfyre – Entrepreneur, Speaker, Mentor

Wilma’s approach to developing intelligent conversations is brilliant, exciting and relaxed.  She asks great questions – challenging, probing and curious.  She got me talking about everything that inspires me so deeply that I was fired up and talking at full speed! Consequently, the conversation was full of great mindset insights, passion and fun!
Nicola Bird – Founder – A Little Peace of Mind

WOW Wilma – once again, another great conversation.  I just love the way you put me totally at ease, and really bring out the best in me. You ask brilliant questions that are both probing and thought provoking and really enable me to get my message out in a way that others can relate to. And you do it all so gently and subtly so that I find myself saying things I really mean but didn’t even know I meant (if you know what I mean!)

Thanks again Wilma. Anyone who has the chance to have a conversation with you is very lucky indeed.
Lisa Turner – Founder –