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There’s no denying the world is in chaos. Many of the changes that are coming our way are beyond the scope of our current capabilities, so we need to take a new look at leadership now.  Leading begins with who we choose to be. True choice can only come with awareness – when we consciously take leadership of our own life. Working with hearts and minds requires deep work, and this is where I am most at home.

Clients are invited to spend time alone at the cottage. This is where the magic happens fastest. Here we use the space and silence to allow the extraordinary to emerge.

The client’s time spent alone and in silence is balanced by the rich, explorative conversations we have which kindles their growth and development, which is essential for the success of the work they do.

When someone is taken out of their usual working environment, leaving behind the status and trappings of office, the human being is presented. When we work together, there is no them and us. It’s all about being human.

My clients are committed to consciously develop and evolve. Their commitment is to make a difference within themselves, their organisations and around the world.

I’ve had a life-long fascination with the power of the mind, thought and events born from synchronicity. This was kindled in the mid-1980s when I took 4 years out with my husband to travel the world by motorbike.  Ever since then, I’ve devoured information and learned everything I could get my hands on about mind-set, personal development, awareness, the brain, the effect our thoughts have on our cells, (which is not to be ignored) and developing levels of consciousness.

My curiosity and understanding of human endeavour and achievement continues to grow and develop – Listen to my story below.

Around the world travel 1984 – 1988

“Wilma is warm and witty but lets you away with nothing! She pushes you to be better than you have ever been before, and uses a range of brilliant techniques to help you dig deep and find the answers needed to unlock your creativity and success.”  
Ali Stewart Executive and Leadership Coach

We are all innately creative beings and I discovered that I am a creator on more than one level.  

I was captivated by the simply-made and beautiful vessels the world over, after returning to the UK when the travelling was over, when I moved to the cottage, I taught myself the ancient skill of coiling. My work has been exhibited and sold across the UK.

I lived and worked alone from the cottage for 7 years, 5 of them before electricity was installed, so I have an intimate understanding of the unique experience available to clients.


Founder of Being At The Cottage

Creator of The Leadership Renaissance Experience® – A Philosophy For Leading From The Infinite Potential Of Being Human In The Chaos Of A Changing World

NLP Master Practitioner and Master Spiritual Practitioner

Accredited Personal Performance Coach since 2008

Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner

Certified LAB (Language and Behaviour) Practitioner

Carbon Literacy qualification

Author of ‘Introducing A Leadership Renaissance – An Essential Way of Living and Leading in the 21st Century’ and ‘The Subtle Dynamics – The Spirit And Science Of Being At The Cottage’.

Aside from my work, I love to walk or run in the Black Mountains, continue to develop the garden at the cottage and practice Tai Chi and Qigong … and I love to laugh.

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