Being at the cottage will give you a profound experience of being in time.

Graig Ddu is sheltered in the forest half-way down the hillside in the mystical Llanthony Valley.  Snug and silent, immersed in timeless tranquillity, it sits on the fringe of 21st Century life.

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Absorb the atmosphere of your surroundings, savour the richness in being rooted in the present moment, and evoke your most inspired ideas.


“A simple, yet luxuriously peaceful idyll. The cottage is sublime, the setting perfect.   What a place to wake up!” 


All Around

From a vantage point high on the grassy plateau where red kites wheel and long-suffering mountain ponies neatly nibble, the great dome of the moorland unfolds into wave upon wave of interlocking mountainous beauty.

Scoured out by a malevolent Ice Age in retreat, drawing the visitor deep into the hills, the Llanthony Valley gracefully insinuates its way into the heart of the majestic Black Mountains.

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