Walking along the broad tracks in the peace and quiet of the forest surrounding the cottage offers every opportunity for mindful thoughts to bubble up.   Walking with mindfulness boosts creative thinking and triggers an increase in creative solutions, accelerating problem-solving and the germination of new ideas.

When you walk without having to pay attention to where you put your feet, you can establish a rhythm which gives you the opportunity to access your subconscious. This increases the potential for releasing creative solutions.

Then we can allow our minds to wander, relax into an expanded sense of being and start to wonder “What if?”   Look forward to extraordinary inspiration. 

Being At The Cottage - Graig Ddu - walks from the door

Surprise yourself with what you discover when you take to the liberating expanses of the hill tops.  Stop for a breather and notice as your body, mind and brain absorb the tangible effects of being immersed in exquisitely peaceful surroundings.   Drink in your increased sense of wellbeing.

Expansive surroundings support expansive thinking,  Go for a walk as you pursue something extraordinary. 

Inspiring views above the Llanthony Valley, Black Mountains - Being At The Cottage

Walking improves working memory. As you develop the relationship with your subconscious, it will share more and more of what is stored in your hidden seams of inspiration.

The sense of wellbeing induced by walking is well documented by scientists.  It has been found that walking increases creative inspiration by an average of 60% versus sitting down.  Walking triggers divergent thinking – an expansion of the mind which increases the generation of creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions. 

Simply put movement matters. When you move you access your body intelligence.   Exercising releases endorphins – a chemical neurotransmitter that naturally blocks pain and releases dopamine which causes us to feel pleasure.

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