“I like muddling things up; and if a herb looks nice in a border, then why not grow it there? Why not grow anything anywhere so long as it looks right where it is? That is, surely, the art of gardening.”
Vita Sackville-West

If you get the urge to feel the earth under your fingernails, get stuck in.  You make an elemental connection when you work with the soil and whatever is growing in it.

Picking out weeds from between the stems of a small rock plant can be cathartic. You may make it analogous to something in your own life that needs weeding out.  When we expand our conscious awareness it is easy to find that we are surrounded by perfect analogies for significant events in our lives.

Tidy a border or weed around a flagstone.  Smell the roses, touch a petal, notice the detail.

Clump of Welsh poppies beside stone  path in the garden at Graig Ddu, Llanthony Valley

There is a handy Garden Guide Book which identifies weeds and areas of the garden that are available for you to work in if the mood takes you.  There is a full range of garden tools and gloves in the potting shed.

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