‘Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.’ 
Albert Einstein

You get what you imagine and what you think about the most.  

Quantum theory tells us that electrons are the building blocks of all matter.  The stuff that forms every material object in our universe has no pre-existing state.  Matter is not manifested until it is observed.

“Observations not only disturb what is to be measured, they produce it.”   
Pascual Jordan

The brain is unable to tell the difference between real and imagined.  When you imagine anything, your brain immediately goes to work to create neural pathways for those lines of thought.  The more time you spend thinking about it the stronger they get.  As you are imagining, you are simultaneously giving an instruction to your subconscious, which will act on the instruction.  The subconscious is infinitely suggestible.

“Anyone not shocked by quantum mechanics has not yet understood it.” 
Niels Bohr

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