‘If the unconscious is the turbid bottom of the lake of the mind, you have to be peering down into the lake to notice it.’  
Prof Guy Claxton – The Wayward Mind

Your Inner Knowing – This is your gut feeling and intuition. It holds everything and never sleeps. 

When we are drawn into pursuing something extraordinary, introspection is a pre-requisite.  Greater understanding and deeper relationship with the unconscious dissolves barriers to progress and we receive an Access All Areas pass to our hidden seams of inspiration.  

Inspiration and intuition are held in the unconscious.  Your vision will develop with deeper inspiration and clearer insight once you start connecting with your unconscious at will, tapping into the hidden seams.

Water bubbles - hidden Inspiration bubbles up from your unconscious mind

Being At The Cottage helps you to nurture each drop of inspiration by harnessing the power of your unconscious through understanding the Subtle Dynamics.   

Your unconscious mind is one of the most under-utilised human resources.   It has an infinite capacity, and guards all the answers that you presume you don’t know yet.  It is your intuition and your gut feeling.

As your awareness of the power of your unconscious mind sharpens, it will gratefully offer up to you everything it has been holding onto. The more you can connect with your unconscious, the more extraordinary results and eureka moments will show up. You will get clear lines of sight and pieces of the puzzle will into place at the right time, time after time.

“The human brain produces as much information in 30 seconds as the Hubble Space Telescope has produced in its lifetime.” 

Konrad Kording – Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Physiology and Applied Mathematics at Northwestern University

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