Chrys Blanchard, founder member of The School of Sound Healing

Chrys Blanchard started her journey with sound as a classical pianist and composer. After training at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama she moved into theatre, radio and education. After 40 years in this arena, she decided to focus on Sound Healing.

A founder member of The College of Sound Healing, Chrys continues to run courses and training around the UK.  Her Soundscape project, taking a large scale, live sound installation into a hospital setting, is a perfect example of how she brings sound into community environments.

In a sound bath, the rejuvenating waves still the mind, soothe the spirit and take us to the peaceful realms of our deepest self where healing and transformation occur. The vibrations positively affect the nervous system by slowing respiratory, brain and heart rates, in turn reducing stress and restoring balance and well being.