The nutrients in the purest foods have the power to heal and balance physical health.

The food we prepare for you is, as far as possible, locally sourced, whole and as untainted and un-tampered with as we can find.  Every ingredient in each dish has been carefully chosen for its properties of biological nourishment.

However,  it goes deeper than just a combination of carefully chosen ingredients.  Every mouthful has an ethereal quality about it.  Every mouthful counts.

Foods to stimulate thoughts Lemons and limes in hessian sack on bicycle

Give us a list of your favourite fresh foods.  These will be ordered and waiting for you in the fridge or freezer when you arrive.  (NB: Not applicable to self-catering stays).

There is also a well-stocked grocery cupboard for you to make use of.

“When we look at nutrition from a purely scientific point of view, there is no place for consciousness.  And yet, consciousness could be one of the crucial determinants of the metabolism of food  itself.”   Deepak Chopra M.D.

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