We want you to get more from your retreat experience
than you could have imagined
. Our aim is to create a frictionless environment for you, carefully designed to open up and maximise the possibility of you reaching those hidden seams of inspiration,
deep in your subconscious.

8 weeks prior to your arrival, we will begin working together to make sure you are fully prepared, so that being at the cottage delivers the maximum impact possible in the time available.

Getting To Know You

  • Giving us a glimpse into your life, work and experiences is important, so there’s a bit of form-filling for this.  This is followed by 2 or 3 conversations to delve more deeply into what you really want to get from your experience
  • Identifying the 1 conscious intent you will be bringing with you

Removing Barriers To Progress

If, as a result of our conversations, we uncover any unconscious blocks, we can explore these more deeply together, opening up a clear path to significant shifts and insights

You will also be guided in how to mentally step away from distractions and get a fresh perspective so that you begin to see things in a way you may never have done before

Slowing The Zip Wire Of Time

Most people are too ‘busy’ spending time and paying a high price for it.

When you are hurtling uncontrolled through life at 100mph+ you miss the opportunity of being in time – those moments of being able to tap into your inner knowing.  You’ll be going too fast to connect to, and allow, your inner wisdom emerge. 

We will introduce you to how to control the zip wire of time.  This will:

  • Help you to manage hurtling through life at 100mph+
  • Show you the concept of linear time V vertical time
  • Explain how and when to use each dimension for optimum results
  • Unlock free-thinking by being in time more of the time
  • Allow you to use time to keep your vision front and centre
  • Explain how to deliberately get yourself in the moment and stay there so that you maintain a clear line of sight as you develop your vision

Creating A Frictionless Experience For You – the practical bit

This is about:

  • Discovering what you love to eat, what you hate and what might kill you!
  • What to bring
  • What to wear

We do the fine-tuning so that you have nothing else to think about but the conscious intent you have chosen to bring