Enduring Leadership begins with who you choose to be
Prepare to be an infinite explorer of your human potential

The Leadership Renaissance Experience® is for those with the courage to explore, make mistakes, reform and find the way that works even better, as we navigate change in our increasingly chaotic world  

This process is best for emerging leaders and leaders who are:

  • Ready to evolve
  • Being drawn by something more powerful than yourself – you can’t not do this
  • Want tools, techniques, mindset shifts and guidance from an experienced mentor

You’re ready to keep up with the pace of change and

  • Come out ahead in business and life
  • Build an enduring sense of possibility
  • Make fundamental shifts in the positive impact you believe you can achieve

…. and you will be making the world will be a better place

If you’re not willing to risk the unusual, you’ll have to settle for the ordinary.” Jim Rohn

What is a Leadership Renaissance?

Humanity is evolving and therefore, how we show up as leaders needs to evolve too.  When we take leadership of our own lives first, we can build an enduring equanimity from the inside, and get a deeper understanding of who we are as humans. This will give us the different quality of leadership we need now.

We become both archaeologist and architect as we gently scrape away layers of personal silt and then reap the rewards of revealing the magic of what lies beneath – our human potential – and from there we can build.

 Why Is It Important?

…. Because all change starts on the inside. As we take a new look at leadership by turning the spotlight on ourselves, we will unearth our deepest capacities, giving us the opportunity to harness them. And we will reveal some of our limitations, but we will have developed the skills to address them.

To be at our most effective we need to pivot our axis of influence from external (doing) to internal (being).

This is why we are now called to take a new look at leadership.  Using the 9 Enduring Elements of The Leadership Renaissance you will develop a keen understanding of the tools, techniques and mind-set shifts which, when used effectively, can help build up an enduring sense of possibility, allowing you to make fundamental shifts in the positive impact you believe you can achieve.

Working With The 9 Enduring Elements Of
The Leadership Renaissance Philosophy

How It Works

The Leadership Renaissance Experience provides 6 months of rich, explorative conversations accelerating and deepening your personal shifts, while developing greater empathy, equanimity, and endurance in your leadership with this simple, digestible and sustainable experience

  • Learn individually about each of the 9 Enduring Elements of the Leadership Renaissance philosophy  
  • Enjoy the full impact of 1:1 support as you experience the positive influence that each of the elements plays in your work and life
  • 2 private sessions scheduled per month   
  • Ad hoc email and What’s App support as necessary

Last, but not least – 7 Nights at The Cottage

(Warning: In these 7 days and nights, you may learn more about yourself than you have discovered over a lifetime)

The cottage lies hidden away half-way up the hillside in the middle of a forest in the Black Mountains in Monmouthshire.  It sits in a small clearing beside a pretty, terraced garden and often provokes the occasional passer-by to say, â€œOh just like Hansel and Gretel.”


We use the space and the silence at the cottage to:

  • Allow the extraordinary to emerge 
  • To understand the sense of a deeper connection and …
  • To experience what can happen when your brain relaxes, and you get to know yourself
Being at the cottage becomes the opportunity to oversee, curate, and guide your vision into making the positive impact that you have imagined

Clients are invited to stay here alone; to experience what happens when they spend time by themselves without any tech.

This is a meticulously curated and fully
supported experience

It is our intention that your experience spending time alone at the cottage has an enduring positive impact on your work and life.

However, you will not be entirely alone all week. Here, we continue the conversations.  These will kindle your growth and development, and they are crucial for the success of the changes you want to make.

Your time at the cottage is:

Where the magic happens

Where it all comes together

Where you’ll recognise the pivot point, shifting your axis of influence from External to Internal – from doing to being

In Summary

  • Structure:  The Leadership Renaissance Experience® is a six-month program featuring 1:1 support, including 2 private sessions monthly, plus ad hoc email and messaging support, and a seven-day retreat at a unique cottage in the Black Mountains
  • 9 Enduring Elements: These are the foundation of the philosophy and emphasise that personal change is the starting point for all meaningful change, advocating a shift from external (doing) to internal (being) influence. Their aim is to initiate a strong foundation of empathy, equanimity, and endurance in leadership
  • Spend Time Alone: 7 nights alone at the cottage provides a rare opportunity for self-reflection, deep connection, relaxation, and personal growth. It serves as a crucial component of the program’s transformative experience
  • Courageous Exploration:  Participants are encouraged to become infinite explorers of their potential, willing to make mistakes, adapt, and navigate the challenges of an increasingly chaotic world
  • Language and Behaviour Profile: A free assessment of the LAB (Language and Behaviour) Profile is included, helping participants understand their motivational triggers and behaviour patterns in the context of their work

Be a part of a new era of Leadership