Why You Should Be An Air Head

The power of choosing to be an air head whenever you want to is very sweet.  Try imagining having an empty head, no thoughts, and being able to un-think the thinkable at will, arresting the maelstrom of your thoughts and relaxing into clarity.  A bit like talking to yourself, being an air head has always been disparaged, but there are big advantages to cultivating both.

It was the early 1980s, all 4 sisters and one or two boyfriends were at home for the weekend.  It was breakfast time and preparations resembled a major crossroads when the traffic lights had failed as we criss-crossed the kitchen, side-stepping, avoiding and occasionally crashing, lost in the thoughts of our own distractions.

My sister’s boyfriend was quietly observing all of this, avoiding the melee as he leant up against the cupboards, and I heard him remark, “Just breathe and be.”

The brevity of the phrase and simplicity of the instruction settled on me then, as it still does now.  It’s meditative without having to meditate.  You can stop thinking at any moment and just do it and be it.

Unthinking is about creating a space between the rushing, bubbling thoughts which resemble a young river as it starts out upstream, racing and tumbling down a hillside, narrow enough to jump and steep enough for small waterfalls.  Then gradually slowing and stilling the thoughts, like the water as it gathers in still, liquid amber, peaty pools by the bank of the maturing river.

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When you just breathe and be, noticing the breath as it’s drawn up in cool draughts through your nostrils, feeling the expansion of your abdomen below your rib cage, you can’t help but Be.  Thoughts slide away leaving space between the activity of thinking.  Space for connection to something else.  Space for acknowledging the place where intuition dwells.  Space for happenings to happen.  Time to notice the nuances of your body at work – just being and doing all those things which we take for-granted day after day. 

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When you get good at this you connect to the Is-ness of who you are, a Being-ness.  This is the well from which to draw inspiration and creative solutions.

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