Why Walking Boosts Creativity

‘Walking is potent mood medicine that enhances thinking, sharpens memory and safeguards brain health.’  Forbes Magazine

Walking increases creative inspiration by an average of 60% versus sitting down. In experiments, the effect was evident during and shortly after walking anywhere between 5 and 16 minutes. Walking enables divergent thinking – an expansion of the mind which increases the generation of creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions.Walking also boosts creative thinking and triggers an increase in creative solutions, accelerating problem-solving and the germination of new ideas.

When we walk without having to pay attention to where we put our feet, we can establish a rhythm which gives us the opportunity to access our subconscious.  Divergent thinking is more easily stimulated when we relax the eyes, soften the gaze and look into the middle distance, which is what happens when we walk rhythmically. 

In turn, this increases the potential for releasing those creative solutions. When we walk rhythmically, we can allow our minds to wander, relax into an expanded sense of being and look forward to extraordinary inspiration.

Walk and wonder - Black Mountains - Being At The Cottage

Expansive surroundings support expansive thinking,  Go for a walk in the pursuit of something extraordinary.

Walk in expansive surroundings to boost creative solutions

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