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Getting To Know Your Overlooked And Under-estimated Subconscious Mind

When you begin to feel dissatisfied with what you may have been doing for many years, and you find yourself driven to make a difference, what’s most important to understand is who you want to become in order for you to make that positive impact.   Understanding and connecting with your subconscious mind will help you with this in order to get deep insights and vital new perspectives.

‘If the unconscious is the turbid bottom of the lake of the mind, you have to be peering down into the lake to notice it.’  
Prof Guy Claxton – The Wayward Mind


The vast majority of people wake up every day with an unconscious assumption that they have no control over their lives.  They roll out of bed and face whatever life throws at them that day, remaining oblivious of the powerhouse that is their subconscious.  

The key here is choice.  You can choose to consciously connect with your subconscious mind and with practice, reap the rewards … or not.  This article will help you to make an informed choice by helping you understand and appreciate your subconscious mind, and to notice and translate the nudges that you are receiving.

Once you engage with the phenomenon that is your subconscious, you’ll begin to see possibility in an entirely new way.

Over the following weeks, I will be sharing and breaking down a course of lessons with you that I have written for clients, which includes working closely with them to assimilate the learning.

The course is designed to help them move from the outdated, external way of doing, to understanding the relevance of developing who they are being.  It helps them to define who they need to be from day to day to make the difference that is pulling them forward, and then putting it into practice to make their positive impact.

Being gives you the lift and weightlessness that doing is entirely without.

So, I hope that you will find the articles not only informative, but transformative as well, should you begin to put what you learn into practice.  Obviously, the second bit won’t happen if you don’t!

This article is 1 of 3 that will give you a deep insight into the role your subconscious mind plays in your day-to-day life, and how you can tap into its infinite wisdom to support you in realising and delivering your vision into the world in a much more seamless way.

Why Does A Relationship With Your Unconscious Mind Matter?

The unconscious mind is our most over-looked and under-utilised tool, and it doesn’t cost us a penny to tap into.  We pour hundreds of pounds into learning, training and deeper education while we ignore the fathomless well of creativity, insight and wisdom that we all have unbridled access to when we learn to engage with our unconscious mind.

To engage with the unconscious mind is to be able to see and create whatever you choose because it has direct access to universal intelligence – the source of all information.

‘Whatever the mind of man can conceive and feel as real, the subconscious can and must objectify.’  Neville Goddard

The Consequence Of A Thought 

Our thought patterns are crucial to how each and every day unfolds, the results we seek and the outcomes we get.  It all lies in beginning to notice your thoughts and how they are making you feel.   The emotion attached to the thought is key. 

You’ll notice that negative, disempowering and ugly thoughts make you feel bad, grubby even and lacking in energy because you are actually lowering your energy frequency and restricting and shrinking the life force around you. 

Life-enhancing thoughts make you feel quite different – complete, centred, optimistic, fulfilled, upbeat, euphoric and with a deep sense of possibility and certainty.

When you begin to practice noticing your habitual thoughts and learn how to change them to something better, you begin to trigger higher vibration energy fields more and more often, and you begin to create a different level of consciousness.  Which in turn is a more effective and efficient way to live and work.

Taking Instructions

The unconscious mind does not think for itself and continually takes instructions from us through our conscious mind.  Through our perpetual self-talk and thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, we are giving instructions to our subconscious all of the time, so, how and what we think is of fundamental importance.   Knowingly or unknowingly, we shape our lives, because the subconscious will always do as it is told.  Free will is the domain of the conscious mind.  The subconscious has no free will.  It does as it is told every time, all the time.  The choice is ours to make.

The Unconscious Filtering System

The unconscious mind controls and maintains our unique perception of the reality we each experience as individuals, filtering out information if it thinks it’s not important for you, or suppressing something that is painful.  This happens on the basis of your conditioning and consequently, your beliefs.  This is why you don’t receive an overload of 2 million+ bits of information into your conscious awareness all the time.  The subconscious decides what information to give you based on your past programming.  So, it distorts, deletes or generalises information in order to make sense of it. 

Each individual’s perception of reality is uniquely their own.  While your perceptions may cross over in many ways with many other people, your reality will be coloured by your unique conditioning and beliefs.

Our Programmed Limitations

Arguably, the biggest impediments to the things we want to achieve are the limitations that have been programmed into our subconscious.  These are usually known as our limiting beliefs.

Our evolution in terms of thinking Beings has evolved to such a level that we can accept other people’s perceptions of belief.  As we become more aware, we can adopt or reject the beliefs of others, if we choose.  However, from birth until the age of around 7 we will easily and unconsciously have adopted the instructions we regularly heard, and then embedded them as our own beliefs.  These will be carried forward into our lives and will influence the successes and failures that shape our future, and our levels of self-esteem.

In the next article, I will be covering in more detail how to get to know your subconscious mind and have it working even more seamlessly alongside you.

Until next time

PS: I hope you’ve found value in this article – I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you.  If you have any questions or would like help, please get in touch.

PPS: * We all have limiting beliefs, and mostly we just don’t know how to recognise them easily.  There are ways in which unconscious limiting beliefs can be brought into conscious awareness and busted and replaced with new life-enhancing beliefs.

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