Beating Burnout

Beating Burnout

Beating Burnout: An intelligent approach to bringing yourself back into balance

Interested in beating burnout? In this blog, I’m looking into an intelligent approach to bringing yourself back into balance.

From the beginning of time humans unconsciously existed in a state of wholeness. It just was. As we evolved, we lost ourselves in our thinking and in our minds, and as a result, in the ego (which is a topic for another day).

For example, the aboroginal tribes of North America, Africa, Australia and many other parts of the world have been struggling to hold on to the cultures that have always connected them with Source. Over hundreds of years, Western society began to under-value these skills and set them aside. As a result, we traded our innate condition of conscious awareness and the ability to Be, for Doing more and more.

Conscious Awareness

As we evolved over the many thousands of years, our intelligence has developed, and our brains have adapted to the challenges of existence and progress. We have become the ultimate problem solvers, inventors and creators. As a result, our capacity to think ever more deeply and widely has developed. 

However, in this case, thinking more isn’t necessarily thinking better. Thinking has become such a complicated and compulsive process that it is now making us ill on a grand scale. The evidence today says that our thinking and overthinking creates stress, anxiety and mental illness. It applies on all levels from worry to madness.

Arguably, we have reached the stage where this state of being lost in our minds and at the mercy of our ego has produced so much suffering that we have created a nightmare. 

The chaos and change that we are experiencing now, in the 21st Century, is forcing us to look at how we are being as humans. It is shaking us awake. It is nudging us to learn how to regain our lost state of consciously being which has become smothered by our infinite capacity to think.

Beating Burnout

Beating Burnout: State of Being rather than Doing

So, as we wake up and shake off the nightmare of unmanaged thoughts and overthinking, we can begin to reconnect with the state of Being rather than Doing. We can learn to manage the way we think and be.      

We can learn how to scrape away the debris of conditioned, habitual, polluting thoughts and choose thoughts that enhance who we are and what we do. Thoughts that bring us to the present moment, and incrementally develop a sense of Being. We can start beating burnout.

As we develop this state of Being (as opposed to Doing) second time around in our evolution, but first time around for all of us, this is a more potent and deeper state of Being because we are developing it consciously.

So, What Is This State Of Being

It is the sensation of timeless-ness. Of being ‘in time‘ (as opposed to ‘on time‘).  

The only times you may have noticed being in time are when you have been deeply absorbed for a while and then become aware of the sensation of time having stood still. It’s not about being prompt!

It’s easy for the mundane distractions of everyday life and work to keep us from achieving this equilibrium, but it is possible to bring that state of being in time all the time, into everyday life, once you know how.  

Why Does This Matter?

This matters because when you are intent on seeing your vision through, being ‘in time’ more of the time allows you to open up to intuition, your inner knowing, and connect with it. Then you begin to make a conscious connection with your subconscious (or unconscious mind) whenever you choose.

You can learn how to return to this state and keep hold of a higher energy and awareness. And when you get it, you’ll notice that in these moments you are more alert and more aware. You start beating burnout you have been experiencing. As a result, you’ll have quicker insights, a sharper perspective, and all the while noticing a real sense of a developing internal stillness and spaciousness – an equanimity that you have not experienced before. Intuitive nudges will happen more often, and you’ll see the bigger picture more clearly.

While others around you may still be losing their heads, you will be able to retain a powerful peacefulness that gives you an insight from a higher place of consciousness. You’ll begin to spend more time in the present moment and, if it’s your style, hurtle through life at 100mph+ with a powerful sense of presence.

This is when synchronistic events begin to happen, as if ‘out of the blue’ (they never happen out of the blue!). Coincidences and chance meetings happen, and life and events unfold effortlessly. That doesn’t mean to say the challenges drop away. They don’t – but you will instinctively know how to handle them, and you will discover how not to make problems of them.

So, How Do You DO This?

Well, that’s the point.  You don’t Do it – you Be it.

You begin to create this state more and more often when you consciously choose your thoughts and feelings and pay attention to what you feel more and more.

“The only place we can exercise our freedom of choice is in the present.”

Edit Eger – Psychologist and Holocaust survivor

You’ll notice that negative, disempowering and ugly thoughts make you feel grotty and lower your energy, while life-enhancing thoughts make you feel quite different – energised, grounded, centred and more powerful.

When you do this, you begin to trigger higher vibration energy fields more often, and you create a different level of consciousness in those moments. 


A bit like dripping blobs of ink from a fountain pen onto blotting paper, when you practice being present more of the time, the blobs eventually join up and you will find yourself in a state of alert awareness, stillness and presence more and more often. And with that you are becoming a much more effective person, more of the time.

You may notice an aliveness and spaciousness developing inside you. Other people may notice that you are calmer, you’re getting things done more easily. Sometimes with an inexplicable sense of effortless-ness.  You make decisions from a more powerful place – not your head. In fact, your mind becomes less and less cluttered with thoughts. As you join the dots and blobs in your growing state of awareness.

Beating Burnout: State of Being

What if you begin to practice putting your whole attention, your whole being, into every thing that you do? When you pull out a chair to sit down. Or when you are engaged in a conversation with someone – are you present? When you’re walking up the stairs, doing the washing up, getting into the car, or closing a deal. Begin to develop a state of being in the present moment more often.

If you’re sitting down reading this, then as you read, notice the soles of your feet. Can you feel any tingling in them? Where are your shoulders? Are they up and tense or relaxed and down? Do the palms of your hands tingle? Are you still breathing in and out rhythmically?

If not, consciously return to noticing as you breathe in and out.

When you bring your whole Self to every one of these actions and notice how you do it, giving it your full attention, your mind will settle into the present moment more and more. You are beating burnout.

Until next time.

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