The conversations are a pivotal part of the process of being at the cottage, and are a potent and powerful way to gently sift through all the information contained in the streams of consciousness kindled by spending time alone.

Clients say that Wilma is an astute listener with a warm, relaxed and inquisitive style. Drawing on her experience, she inquires with intuitive insight, stirring the sediment that lies unexplored in the subconscious. 

“Wilma is insightful and gentle. She offers enticing suggestions and makes it easy to follow where she leads.”
Dianne Lowther – Brilliant Minds Ltd

Having a skilled and impartial listener provides a counter-point to spending time alone. Probing, provoking and full of curiosity, the conversations are woven into the experience.  They can be held in the sitting room or talking while walking in the hills above the cottage. The conversations are intended to gently elicit answers or challenge ingrained assumptions, and are woven into the experience to open up paths to your unconscious. They pull together the threads of the insights gathered throughout the week.

This is quite a shift from my previous perspective. It was specifically from our conversations and your astute listening that I now comfortably see myself as a leader in my corporate role.
Nadine Elsasser – Executive Assistant to Global Head of BlackRock Alternatives Specialists

The result is a widening of perspective, a flushing out of old paradigms and, once left alone again with your own thoughts, what is best described as the sense of a complete cellular irrigation.

Each conversation lasts between 2 and 3 hours and will move your idea forward with pace.

“After just that first conversation I started to feel a change in the way I looked at and approached things. I started to find it easier to make decisions. By the time I arrived at the cottage, a couple of months after booking it, there had already been some real shifts in the way I was approaching my circumstances. With Wilma’s guidance I finally felt free of the fear that had been crippling me and preventing me from making big, bold choices in my life and career.
Antonia Windsor – Theatre Director Ambitus Theatre, Journalist, Actor

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