Forget about air or light pollution, digital pollution is smothering our senses and creativity just as effectively as putting a plastic bag over our heads.

John Caudwell says that solving complex business problems involves a great deal of creativity. He decided to ban email from his company, Phones4U, because he believes it is a communication media for cowards.

Go offline is the new luxury - handwritten poster

Wi-Fi, emails, mobile phones, TV, social media, advertising are all assaulting mind, body and soul, competing for our attention around the clock. 

For just a few days go offline and retreat into nature. Unplug, disconnect, re-group and rebuff 21st Century distractions. Embrace the space and time to create at the cottage, evoke your most inspired ideas and notice the connection to something more powerful.

Offline isn’t just the new luxury, sometimes it’s a necessity.  

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