When your vision is intrinsic to your life but what isn’t working is keeping you awake at night … then it’s time to do things differently.

Being At The Cottage – The Objectives

  • To support innovators, entrepreneurial thinkers and leaders with a vision for change as they let go of old paradigms and create space for new ones, in pursuit of something extraordinary
  • To develop consciousness in businesses
  • To make a difference with the people who are making a difference

We’re here to support you as you clarify and consolidate your ideas. Finely tuned, 1:1 impact coaching accelerates the development of your vision and your Self, supported by purposeful, bespoke solo retreats.

We’ll help you develop your embryonic thoughts by taking you beyond the scope of your usual self-interrogation, challenging assumptions and beliefs, shattering the barriers and clearing your way to the finish line.

We do not presume to be experts in your field, but we are experts in ours.

The 7 Pillars

There are many ways to access creativity, but it is the fusion of these 7 elements that are transformative:

1 – Your Vision

When you’re in the grip of your vision, you are swept along by a sense of wholeness – there’s a blending of you with it and it with you.

2 – Spending Time Alone

Spending time alone for a few days triggers a radical shift in perspective. When you remove yourself from mundane distractions, your brain relaxes and your imagination roams.

Buddhist monks orange robe hanging spend time alone

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3 – The Conversations

Loosening information embedded in your unconscious, face to face conversations create a space for expansion.  Lively,  progressive and provoking, they provide a stimulating  counterpoint to spending time alone. 

Conversations with an intelligent stranger

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4 – Tech Free

There’s no WiFi, mobile reception or TV in the forest, but we assure you, your connection will be supreme.

This is just what your brain needs to relax and give you its best. Imagine what could be revealed over 4 days … or more

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5 – The Unconscious Mind

Knowing that 95% of your brain activity is beyond conscious awareness, who wouldn’t be intrigued to know more about what’s hidden in their subconscious?

Your subconscious mind is always working away in the background, joining the dots and spotting the patterns.

The better your connection with your unconscious, the more extraordinary results and eureka moments it will give you.

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6 – The Cottage

Solitude, space and a stimulating environment to develop your vision. Here, you can let go of old paradigms and welcome in the new. Let perfect pieces of the puzzle show up at the right time, time after time.

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7 – Being In Nature

A raft of studies has been carried out in recent years proving what we already intuitively know – that being immersed in nature is a beneficial tool in increasing focus, reducing psychological stress, expanding the mind and enhancing creative thinking. 

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If you want to increase momentum and are ready to develop yourself and your vision from a place of curiosity, possibility and courage, we’d love to hear from you.

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